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About Gemology

We use minerals as ingredients in our cosmetics, whose interest is established, but where do these minerals come from?

We use over 20 different natural minerals to develop and manufacture Gemology products.

The geographical origin of these minerals may vary but we always require a traceable origin and are committed to a long-term supply management.

Some minerals come from nearby regions, such as Peridot, which is found in large quantities in the Massif Central in France.

Others come from more distant regions, such as Tourmaline, Sapphire and Opal from Brazil or Jade from Asia.

We supply the natural stones in raw form and extract them in liquid form in France, using our own process.

These raw materials are natural but are they ethically responsible raw materials?

This question brings together two notions: Firstly, are these minerals produced ethically ?

Gemology has always made a point of ensuring that its suppliers extract the minerals under ethical conditions, without dubious financing or child labour.

On the other hand, is there any risk to nature from the use of minerals in cosmetics ?

Gemology uses minerals in reasonable quantities. The quantities used in cosmetics are anecdotal compared to other uses (industrial, jewellery, etc…)