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Brand Story

"With Gemology, I share my passion for minerals and offer you a line of innovative, ultra-efficient French cosmetics based on science. Formulas with trace elements and textures that create emotions, to meet all beauty routines. From the simplest to the most sophisticated."

The History

16 years ago, Gemology was able to unveil a secret buried in the heart of minerals. After several years of research and thanks to a scientific approach, Gemology extracts the trace elements from minerals and integrates them into skincare.

Since then, our laboratories have been exploring the functions and benefits of these trace elements on the skin. Skin oligotherapy was born.

Our Values


A mineral concept that uses the trace elements of precious and semi-precious stones, cutaneous oligotherapy.


A mineral concept that uses the trace elements of precious and semi-precious stones, skin oligotherapy based on proven scientific research and clinically tested.


Sophisticated, unique and high-performance face and body care.

Creators of Emotions

Sensorial formulas and textures for a unique customer experience.

our Expertise

Jean-claude Bozou
Doctor of Biology
DEA in Pharmacology
Head of Gemology R&D

Dr. Jean-Claude BOZOU, Doctor of Biology and former researcher, created Laboratoire Bomann, a biotechnology company, and developed numerous cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients during the early part of his career. In 2007, he joined Chrystelle Lannoy, creator of the Gemology brand, where he heads up Research and develops innovative ingredients and formulas based on precious minerals. Jean claude Bozou is a guest speaker in the 30 countries where Gemology is a pioneer and leader in the field of mineral care cosmetics.

Our Commitments

Since its creation, Gemology has one purpose:

Develop premium quality products, efficient, technical, based on precious minerals, respectful for the consumers.

To achieve this, we have :

  • Strict specifications, that fits with today’s aspirations: paraben-free, propylene glycol-free, ethanol-free, gluten-free, lactose-free…
  • An ever more ethical consumption, with a will to preserve our planet. Glass jars and bottles, FSC-compliant recyclable boxes. No more leaflets, no more paper brochures. A real and sincere eco-responsible commitment for several years.