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Skin Oligotherapy

Get healthier, more vital and youthful skin with Skin Oligotherapy

Minerals and trace elements are naturally present in small quantities in the body thanks to external sources. Our body cannot produce them itself, yet they are essential for its function … essential for life.

The lack of trace elements and essential minerals has rapidly become more apparent, due to a depleted intake of nutrients in our modern diet, environmental pollutants, and the stresses of modern life.

There are many nutritional supplements available to us but the skin is one of the last organs to benefit. So we need to supply the skin with vital minerals from an alternative source.

Deficiencies in trace elements are responsible for the following common problems : Iron deficiency, Magnesium deficiency, Copper deficiency and Zinc deficiency.

Collectively, these damaging deficiencies contribute to a decrease in collagen and enzyme production, lowered bacterial protection, and a weakened resistance to skin inflammation. All of these functions are critical to healthy, vital and youthful skin.

Powerful and safe solution from nature

Fortunately, nature has provided us with a powerful and safe solution to these concerns of skin health and ageing.

Oligotherapy is a way of providing the body with the essential trace minerals that are indispensable for cellular enzymatic functions. Skin oligotherapy is the solution to deficiencies in trace elements and minerals in your body’s largest organ; the skin.

Gemology is further advanced in this field than any other cosmetic brand. The essential minerals are applied directly to the skin, where all skin concerns are treated gently and safely, at the source of the problem.