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Body Beauty Kit

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Our 5 body-care essentials are to be taken anywhere, to stay clean, fresh and hydrated from head to toe, even when traveling! A perfect way to test Gemology products and a great gift to give to your loved ones.



  1. Source of Saphir Bath Shower Gel (30ml)
    Perfectly cleanses the skin while deeply moisturizing it.
  2. Douceur Minéral Shampoo (30ml)
    Cleanses, brightens, strengthens and softens hair.
  3. Diamant Éclat Conditioner (30ml)
    Reinforces the effects of the shampoo to enhance the hair. They’ll be stronger, softer, and brighter than ever.
  4. Caresse De Diamant Body Lotion (30ml)
    Provides a sensation of freshness, with rapid absorption. This body lotion will bring you a feeling of comfort throughout the day.
  5. Mousse De Saphir Hand Soap (20g)
    A solid hand soap that maintains the skin’s moisture. Generous lather for perfect cleaning. It leaves your hands clean and soft

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